Lookout Mountain Growers

Lookout Mountain Growers in Georgia – up to spring of 2017

LMG, now located in Snow Camp, NC, as of spring, 2017

Website updated on Nov. 2, 2017

Go to the link below to see photos of the move and our new life so far:


We have moved from beautiful Lookout Mountain in Cloudland, Ga. to Snow Camp, NC. We sold our farm to good people and relocated 20 years of barn, shop,  household goods and  critters to a smaller farm near our children and grandchildren. Three U Hauls, two flat bed trailers with equipment, two enormous commercial cattle trailers , and three Rat Pack storage pods , plus a few trips in the vans for pigs and newborn kids made it work.

New place has some real pluses—two hundred year old oak tree and log barn, a perimeter fence, fair pasture and a pretty pond. It lacked a few things like a house, shop and goat barn, water and electricity.

We built a fine goat barn  immediately, started a shop in part of that building, and moved into an rv where we can cook and wash dishes without getting up from the dinner table.

At this point, our workshop is complete and we can find a pair of pliers or a hammer. Goats are in luxury and have a working chute with 1000 lb weigh scale hauled from Ga. We are not so lucky, but the house is now under construction with the walls up, windows in, and roof atop. There is light at the end of the gable. We are hoping to finish before Christmas.

Goats for Sale –  Click to see sale goats.

We moved with our herd and the 47 month old kids. Best crop ever. However, we have not had time to advertise, sell, divide, etc. We have minimal fencing. We can’t keep them all, much less breed again this fall..

We have decided to offer some of our incredible mature females, in a package with a buck if needed, so that a buyer can have a superior crop like ours in one year instead of spending 15 years as we have. Some of the females are older, but are healthy and should deliver 2018 kids. The prices reflects ages of the does. We will keep the yearlings to breed next year and will skip most ofthis year’s breeding season because we have limited facilities. We might have a few weanlings of triplets.


doelings 2014

LMG weanling doelings in October 2014

Goat condition depends on available forage. Raising goats can be translated to “raising forage”.  We spend a lot of time and effort creating and supplying an active soil food web that produces nutrient dense browse. Forage for goats is enhanced by our building up the soil: burning fields, adding organic compost made from manure and hay, spraying fish emulsion rich in minerals (probably the best thing we ever did)  and planting legumes such as red clover, kobe lespedeza and vetch.  We rotate goats from one area to another so that each plot has a rest period. We follow the rotation pattern with other species to cut down on the worm concentration. We read, learn and try to apply what we think will work. We grow, cut and feed our own hay. No chemical fertilizer. The process is ongoing.