Wolf River King of the Mountain LMG C6677

king of the Mountain

King of the Mountain, 9/22/2015, 7 months

Lookout Mountain Fabulous Fran X WRR Malachi

King of the Mountain at 6 months






King of the Mountain Jan 2016

King of the Mountain, Jan. 2016


King of the Mountain 2 20 2016 5

King of the Mountain March 2016







DOB- 02/17/15

Dam: Hillside Acres Fabulous Fran

Sire:  2014 National Champion PGCHB5996 Wolf River Malachi

Dam Fabulous Fran has produced remarkable bucks in her long career. Sire WRR Malachi is National Champion Buck, 2014. The pedigree is filled with  four generations of championship goats. We bred a select few does to him last fall and are ecstatic over the 2016 offspring in the herd.