For Sale at Lookout Mountain Growers

Bucklings and Bucks for sale

We have about 17 bucklings, about 8 months old. Have not sold a one due to move. Now is your chance for the pick of the litter. $350 to $400

We have three 19 month old bucks, ready for breeding now. Brought these with us and have decided on one to keep and the others to sell. $400

Does for Sale

We offer a pair of our best mature older does—healthy and ready to breed, with or without a buck included. These both raised triplets last spring without supplementation.  You can start a superior herd with these girls in one year. Don’t want to sell them separately as they have adjusted to each other. We usually breed Nov. 1, so you can put with a buck immediately. All registered. All proven.

You can look them up individually in the Mature Does section.

.We will have a few weanling and yearling females as soon as we have time to go over the herd.