Bent, the babysitter goat

Bent and Wally Butts

Bent with newcomer Wally Butts

Nan and Bent

Bent and Weanlings

Bent with orphans




Bent, the babysitter goat

Not registered; she doesn’t reproduce

DOB –  2007

Sire: Guillory Shadows Popeye

Dam: Jane Doe – Boer

Percent Myotonic – 50%

Bent is our “Special” goat. She developed listeriosis when she was a yearling and got over it except that her head was bent and she turned a lot of circles. The circles continue until today. After her first kidding, she was attacked by a wild dog which rendered her sterile. Again she recovered. At the next kidding season, we had a pair of orphans to raise. Bent took them over and raised them, other than the milk, to weaning age. Bent LOVES babies and continues to raise those who need her love and care. Above is a photo of Bent with her 2013 charges, kids born late in the season, weaned, without a group their age. In the other photo, she is befriending a newcomer to the herd.

In spring of 2014, we purchased Wally Butts from Bent Tree Ranch in Arkansas. She needed a friend. We put her with Bent and they two of them are inseparable.